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A Day in the Life

Student Arrival: 

Because of our ideal location uptown, students have a variety of ways to get to school. Some are dropped off by parents, take the RTA, take the school bus or walk. When they get to school, students are greeted at the gate by the principal, Mr. Lamb, and the Dean of Culture, Mr. Bachemin. They enter the building, grab their breakfast, and are greeted by several staff members as they head upstairs and into their homeroom. Once in the classroom, students work silently and independently on their brain breakfast. Arrival procedure is meant to provide a friendly, calm and focused start to the day.

"When I come to school I shake Mr. Lamb's hand, try and make Ms. Patterson laugh, go to class and do my work. I like that Mr. Lamb shakes our hand. It gives us encouragement. I also like trying to make Ms. Patterson laugh. It's a fun way to start the school day." - Duan Dobard, 8th grader

ROAR Block: 

After students have arrived, they transition into a 40-minute ROAR block. ROAR stands for "Reading our AR." During this time, students have a chance to engage in high-interest on level texts.

"ROAR block is important because it gives us time to read everyday. When we read this often, we can reach new [F + P] levels and learn bigger words." - Hannah Thales, 6th grader


Creating engaging lessons that maximize instructional time is the goal of every teacher at RCAA. After ROAR block, students transition into their core classes. 6th and 7th grade students take a 90-minute ELA block, a 90-minute block that alternates between science and social studies, and a 60-minute math block. 8th grade students take a 100-minute ELA block, a 100-minute block that alternates between science and social studies and a 95-minute math block. To break up the day, students are given the choice between band, drama and P.E. as their elective classes. Reading intervention classes also run during this elective time. Finally, students take a 40-60 minute blended learning block, depending on grade. During this time, math teachers pull small groups of students to remediate previous skills while other students engage in on-level math programs designed to elevate their skills. All grades have a 30-minute lunch block, and many homerooms have earned outdoor recess during this time.

"We do a lot of fun experiments in Mr. Kuhns' class. My favorite was when we had to make predictions about putting Mentos in Coca-Cola. Then we got to do it and watch it explode." - Mikayla Banks, 6th grader

"This year, I've grown the most in math. Ms. Paul makes the lessons fun and includes activities that let us work in partners and groups. I like working in partners because we can help each other when one of us doesn't get it. Band also helps with math because we have to look at the notes like fractions. For example, a quarter note gets 1/4 of a beat. Four quarter notes is the same as a whole note." - Jarred Gray, 7th grader

"My favorite class is Ms. Martinez's ELA class. I like it because she genuinely cares about us. She corrects us and makes us re-do our work because she wants us to be successful in life and learn how to fix our own mistakes." - Malic Pierre, 8th grader

Celebration / Reflection: 

On Friday's, students can earn a celebration for the last hour of the school day. Celebrations are planned by the different grade levels and change every week. Past celebrations have included trick-or-treating, a newspaper fashion show, Olympic Games and outdoor recess. Students earn celebration by accumulating $80 or more on their "paycheck," which tracks homework completion and behaviors. Students who do not earn celebration spend this hour in reflection.

"My favorite celebration was when we went outside to play dodgeball. Everyone was laughing and running around. It was really fun!" - Jeremiah Variste

"My favorite celebration was when all of the students went into Ms. Wheeler's class and had a dance. Everybody was dancing, being goofy and having fun. I still have all the videos from it too." - Lexi Willett, 7th grader

Extended Day: 

Students are highly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities offered from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m. There are multiple different activities that our students participate in, including band, cheerleading, drill team, dance, drama, small group tutoring and sports.

"I like being part of the Extended Day band. I felt confident and prepared when going to the Battle of the Bands and we brought home the trophy!" - Taylour Jackson, 7th grader

"Students like extended day because it invests us in something outside of academics that we can continue to be involved in when we get to high school." - Miah Rockwell, 8th grader